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Wow,long time no update. (The rest of you can post in here too, you know. ^_^ )

I've decided that this Community is horridly boring due to content.. or lack thereof.. which is my fault. However, there might still be a light at the end of the tunnel if perhaps the community as a whole spices it up a bit.

So first off, I'd like to say hi as a new day dawns with perhaps some new changes for this place.

:: any ideas on how to spice it up are greatly appreciated. comment and/or e-mail me with suggestions ::

Unlike other communities where the purpose is clear cut and obvious, this one is a little more abstract. It covers anything on Egypt.. good, bad, past, present, even if it doesn't deal directly with Egypt, hey it still works.

Also working on making this a paid account such that I can get a little more of an original style going on.

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