The Field of Peace (sorrowfuldreams) wrote,
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Welcome to the Ancient Egyptian community- the newest interactive part of Sorrowful Dreams!! This community is all about Egypt- past and present, though ancient Egypt is the main focus. Have discussions on contraversial topics, share pictures, links, poetry-- anything you want about Egypt. =D

To get you started, here's a suggested topic for this week:

Akhenaten: Does he really look like the Amarna artwork or was that simply the latest art style?
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Well, it was said that he was the first to ever have his art look real. Maybe it dose look like him but there have to be at least a little differences with him in the art work. But I think it's neat.
It's completely debated either way. I have a hard time choosing a side because there are sculptures and statues of him in the idealized form and in his revolutionary style. The art during the period also changes over time.. Akhenaten starts out looking like a caricature and finally evolves into a somewhat feminie looking young man.
do you have any links to good pictures of artwork of him? i saw the replica of the statue of him at the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose, with the big eyes and big lips and curvy body. is it wrong to think that someone who lived thousands of years ago is sexy?
I like hsi facial features actually, so I'd say no, it's not wrong to think he's sexy.

About the pictures, I have a friend who recently went to Egypt (last month) and brought home tons of pictures.. of the REAL thing. This is his site: Kings of Egypt.

If you need it right away, that's a good site to look at... if you're willing to wait a while, I'll have pictures of him on my own site along with a lengthy discussion of his features. Sorrowful Dreams is the link for that.

Good luck!
i agree with you, i think he was hot too! those tasty eyes, and those fall-into lips... mmmmmm

i have several books on him, and saw a traveling exhibit called pharaohs of the sun, mainly focusing on him. how grand it was to see the sculptures from that time. i can't wait to travel there my self.

The Amarna Style simply represents people as they truly look after you have spent a couple of hours out in the desert worshiping the Aten.

After a couple days anyone's brain would be fried, and these people LIVED there...
From what I understand, Akhenaten reveared truth above all else. I think this is reflected in his religion and most definitely his art. I don't believe that he was portrayed the way he was just because it was the latest art style- I think that he insisted to be shown as he really was, and if you look at a lot of the other art of the period (think Bek's bust of Nefertiti and various plaster masks of Armarna residents) they portray the subjects in a very realistic fashion that was never seen before. Heh, then again I really don't know much about the period and tend to babble a lot about things I don't have the first clue I am now. Sorry. Interesting discussion though :)
p.s. I went to Egypt and saw some of the Armarna art in the Cairo museum and saw an exhibit on him at the MFA Boston, and yeah, I gotta say he was beautiful. :)
I have to agree. I think it was an accurate representation of Akhenaten. The whole thrust of the Armarna period was realism in artwork. The point of the art, and his reign in general, was to move away from the old ways. Akhenaten did not want to be represented as the perfect God, the tradition until then. He wished to be shown as he truly was. I think he did have that look (generations of inbreeding will do that to a person) and he wanted it shown. It was not done to other nobles, which tends to lend support to the idea that it was actually how they appeared.

Of course, this is all speculation. Until his mummy is found and can be examined we have no actual way of knowing if that was artist interpretation of realism being employed.
Hello, I would like to be in this community and I am very very very interested in Egypt!!!!! I am supposed to be related to Nefertiti! (Just a random fact about me) So... can I join?
Of course you may join, if you like. I must say that this community hasn't been very active in the last serveral months. Maybe it will pick up some now, eh?

I have an Egyptian royal in my community. I'm quite honored, that's quite a blood line, if only all of us were so lucky.
Yeah, well I hope it picks up lol :)